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Analysis of the state of play before CoP 17 in Durban

Some of you may be interested in this article by the deputy director of the IISD, Chris Spence. He gives an overview of recent events, the mood of those heading to Durban, and what this may mean in terms of … Continue reading

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Discussion: The Regime Complex for Climate Change by Keohane and Victor

Our group read and discussed “The Regime Complex for Climate Change” by Robert O. Keohane and David G. Victor. Professor Keohane was visiting the Department of International Politics the day after our meeting, and so we thought that this an … Continue reading

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Explaining joint implementation

This link may be of interest to some, it is a series of podcasts that attempt to explain the joint implementation program in ‘plain language’: http://ji.unfccc.int/about/multimedia/podcasts/index.html

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Thoughts on Cancun…?

There have been some interesting reactions to the Cancun COP16 meeting, ranging from the usual activist critiques, Bolivian protestations, and otherwise a generally upbeat reaction from many others. ‘At least it didn’t all collapse’ seems to be the prevailing mood, … Continue reading

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