Our Research

“Who is Who” in research on the environment at Aberystwyth?

– – – coming soon – – –


2 Responses to Our Research

  1. Env Pol RG says:

    When free, I would love to hear more about your “field trip” experience.

  2. hrh08 says:

    So…the Environmental Politics Group goes live. I have to admit, part of me wishes I was there in Aber to be part of the groups’ development this semester – first guest speaker and its very own webpage! Alas, I am wintering in Canada, finding myself a thesis structure and managing to talk to some of the founding fathers of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). On Wednesday it is off to meet Jim Bruce, a central player in the early establishment of the organisation, and I am looking forward to his tale of how this process got started. I have noticed that the retirees are far more generous with their time, more reflective about what they’ve been apart and generally more willing to engage with the thesis writing process. The government side of the organisation, on the other hand, tend to think themselves far more important and therefore feel that each morsel they throw my direction should be mused over and praised by an appropriate reaction.

    The department that I am in – The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs – doesn’t seem too into environmental politics. However, two floors below me in the School of Political Studies, is Professor Matthew Paterson, so I’m thinking that’s where all the environmental politics action is at, and where I’ll be listening for the rumblings of guest speakers and otherwise inspiring activities to get me through this cold season until my return to warmer, equally wet climes. I have to say though, I can’t fault my office facilities, I have an office on the 11th floor all to myself and overlooking half of Ottawa and beyond.

    …On that note, work needs to be returned to. Thank you Kat for enabling this process and I look forward to hearing from everyone over the coming weeks and months.

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