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Programme Academic Year 2014/2015

Please find an overview of the EPRG’s activities for the semester here:

EPRG programme Semester 1 – 2014-15

Programme Academic Year 2012/2013

Semester I – 2012

26th October: Reading Paterson and Newell (2010). 1-2 Meetings room.

M. Paterson and P. Newell (2010) ‘Chapter 10: What futures for climate capitalism?’ in Climate capitalism: global warming and the transformation of the global economy.

2nd November: Professor Matthew Paterson. 5:30-7 Main Hall.

Professor Matthew Paterson. School of Political Science, Ottawa University.
Title: ‘Global governance through transnational networks: the spread of carbon markets to deal with climate change’

23rd November: Introducing climate negotiations. 1-2 Main Hall

This session is designed to introduce undergraduates and all those interested in the UNFCCC process to the climate change negotiations. As COP 18 gets underway in Qatar on Monday the 26th of November this is the time to update ourselves with recent developments in establishing the Global Climate Fund and a post-Kyoto agreement.

7th December: Guest speaker – Dr Kevin Grove. 1-2 Main Hall

Dr Kevin Grove. Geography Department, Aberystwyth University.
Title: ‘Adaptation Machines and the Politics of Catastrophe in Jamaica’

Programme Academic Year 2011/2012

Semester II – 2012

Jan. 18th Reading: Michael Mason: “Conflict and Social Vulnerability to climate change: Lesson’s from Gaza” in Climate and Development (2011)

Feb. 8th Guest Speaker: Michael Mason (LSE): “What is Left to Us of the Sky: The Vertical Geopolitics of Palestinian Climate Change Vulnerability”, 5:30-7:00 pm, Main Hall, International Politics Building

Feb. 29th Guest Speaker: Sara Jones (Aberystwyth): “A Filmmaker’s Journey: Can We Promote a Nuanced Climate Conversation Through Digital Media and the Arts?” 5-6:30 pm, room to be confirmed.

Mar. 21st Reading: Elizabeth Shove: “Beyond the ABC: climate change policy and theories of social change” in Environment and Planning (2010)

May 9th Reading: Julie Guthman: “Bringing good food to others: investigating the subjects of alternative food practice” in Cultural Geographies (2008):1pm, Meetings Room, International Politics Building.

May 16th Guest Speaker: Owain Williams (Aberystwyth). “Global Political Economies of Food”: 4pm, Main Hall, International Politics Building.

May 24th Guest Speaker: Jessica Paddock (Cardiff): “Class, Food, Culture: Exploring ‘Alternative’ Food Consumption”: 5pm, Main Hall, International Politics Building.

 June 13th Reading: Alexa Spence and Nick Pidgeon: “Framing and communicating climate change: The effects of distance and outcome frame manipulations” in Global Environmental Change (2010): 1pm, Meetings Room, International Politics Building

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings take place at 1pm, Meetings Room, International Politics Building.

Semester I – 2011

October 12th: 1-2:00 Meetings Room

Reading: Lahsen, M. (2008) Lahsen, M. (2008) ‘Experience of modernity in the greenhouse: a cultural analysis of a physicist “trio” supporting the backlash against global warming’. Global Environmental Change 18: 204-19

October 26th: 1-2:00 Meetings Room

Reading: Keohane, R. O. & D. Victor ‘The regime complex for climate change’. Perspectives on politics 9: 7-23

November 23rd: 1-2:00 Main Hall

Speaker: Dr. Chris Bear of the Geography department, Aberystwyth

Topic: Robotic and information technologies in milking cows

December 14th: 1-2:00 Meetings Room

Reading: A. Corner, & N. Pidgeon (2009) ‘Geoengineering the climate: the social and ethical implications’, Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development, 52:1, 24-37

Programme Academic Year 2010/ 2011

All sessions (unless advertised otherwise) to take place at 1:10pm in the Meetings Room, International Politics Building, Aberystwyth

Semester II – 2011

For this semester’s reading, there will be a focus on “classics” of environmental literature and the opportunity to re-engage with them.

17 January: Speaker: Chris Methman (Aber/ University of Hamburg), ‘Mission Creep Carbon Governmentality, the Clean Development Mechanism, and the depoliticisation of climate change’

7 February: Reading: Mumford, Lewis, The Pentagon of Power. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1970.

28 February: Speaker: Dr Bryn Hubbard (Aber), Director of the Centre for Glaciology [This event will take place in the Main Hall, International Politics Building, Aberystwyth]

21 March: Reading: Hardin, Garrett. “The Tragedy of the Commons”. Science. Vol. 162, No. 3859 (December 13, 1968), pp. 1243-1248. + a contemporary treatment.

9 May: Speaker: Dr James van Alstine (University of Leeds), Lecturer in Environmental Policy and Programme Manager of the MSc Sustainability (Environmental Politics and Policy): New spaces of governance: community-driven accountability in the extractive industries [This event will take place in the Main Hall, International Politics Building, Aberystwyth, at 2pm]

23 May: Reading: Ehrlich, Paul R. The Population Bomb. New York: Ballantine Books, 1968. + a contemporary critique

Semester I – 2010

  • 18 October: Mike Keary (Aber), ‘The Growth Theory Debate and its influence on Western Climate Policy’
  • 29 November: Visiting lecture and workshop, Dr Angela Oels (Hamburg), to take place in Main Lecture Hall, Politics Building at 1pm
  • 13 December: Dr Simona Davidescu (Aber), research presentation: “Sustainable development strategies and environmental institutions in Romania and the Republic of Moldova”

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