Aber COP18 Watch

Join us, share the news you come across and your opinion as you follow the events. As the world comes together in Qatar for COP18 to negotiate climate change once again, we should keep an eye on the events as it affects each and everyone of us!


6 Responses to Aber COP18 Watch

  1. The verdict on COP18: Kumi Naido Greenpeace International talking at the CAN press conference at the end of COP18 #passionate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MmyRQFtqXg&feature=youtu.be&a

  2. Looking for a quick intro to COP18?
    “COP18: A bluffers guide to the UN climate talks in Doha” really good overview from Ed King @ RTCC http://www.rtcc.org/cop18-a-bluffers-guide-to-the-un-climate-talks-in-doha/

  3. carldeath says:

    Civil society plays an important role in climate negotiations: pressuring governments, providing scientific inputs, and representing the voices of those excluded or unable to be present. Last year, in Durban at COP17, the civil society presence was sometimes loud and visible, as befits a country with a proud tradition of people power. For NGOs like Greenpeace, demonstrations are a major way of impacting on the formal negotiations. See http://www.greenpeace.org/africa/en/News/Blog/turning-the-tide-with-people-power/blog/42917/

    In Qatar, however, the prospect of civil society protest raises more questions. Will it be tolerated by the authorities? Will civil society groups be willing and able to attend the COP? And, of course, the bigger question is what difference do they make? See http://treadsoftly.net/will-doha-tolerate-climate-protests-at-cop18/

  4. Katharina Hone says:

    If you are on twitter follow us via #AberCOP18Watch and see your comments coming up in the feed on the right hand side. I’ll be tweeting as @KatHone as well as through my organization as @climate_diplo

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