Rallying for real commitment to a low carbon future

Invitation: Shout for Sustainability! Flyer A5 EngThis space has been a bit quiet, but the Environmental Politics Research Group has been planning an event to raise public awareness of Aberystwyth University’s policies regarding environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. After a film screening of “Disruption” earlier this year, we collectively decided that we wanted to do something that could realise more environmentally sustainable policies at our own institution, Aberystwyth University. After a few weeks of research into current policies and projects, a series of meetings and numerous practical preparations we are aiming to engage a broad public at our stall in front of the Great Hall Bar in the Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Tuesday 3 March from 10am to 4pm. We have prepared material to inform you more broadly about AU’s sustainability activities and we will also have a copy of our Open Letter to AU management at the stall, due to be posted that day. As a bit of a preview though, you can read a copy of the letter here. Should you be supportive of our concerns, we would welcome your signatures too! Do stop by at the stall at any time between 10 and 4pm to find out about current and future sustainability policies at Aberystwyth University. Hopefully see you on the 3rd ! the Environmental Politics Research Group (envpolrg@gmail.com)

Sustainable Futures!

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