“Food Inc.” documentary film screening

On Tuesday 30 Sept. 2014 a group of undergraduates, MSc and Phd students from both the Geography and International Politics department watched”Food Inc.” over some drinks and snacks. Although perhaps a warning should have been given for some of the instances of animal cruelty in the documentary, most of us enjoyed watching the documentary. The discussion afterwards proved very productive in terms of food for thought. Did the film give an overly “American perspective”? Is it as difficult to find access to fresh food in other parts of the world? And most importantly, does the solution really lie in all of us going organic,Poster Food Inc as proponents such as Michael Pollan would have it? (For a great counter-perspective, read Julie Guthman’s ‘Why I am fed up with Michael Pollan et al.‘). What can we do in our own lives to slightly change the food system that feeds us? Can we do anything? Many more great questions were asked and I personally am very much looking forward to our next session where we will watch the latest documentary on climate change: “Disruption“. More details to follow late October 2014.

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