On the Wales Environmental Leadership Conference

This month’s issue of Planet: The Welsh Internationalist offers an account of the Wales Environmental Leadership Conference. The article, entitled A Sustainable Wales? Identifies some of the key themes of the conference and my thoughts on what carrying progressive environmental action forward may entail.

A Sustainable Wales?

The final panel of the day at the Wales Environmental Leadership Conference

The final panel of the day at the Wales Environmental Leadership Conference

On the afternoon of 8 February, 2013, students, researchers, representatives from community groups and government institutions congregated in the lobby of the International Politics building at Aberystwyth University. Huddled together in corners and small groups, these diverse political actors were brought together to explore Wales’s place in international environmental politics.

There is much going on in the realm of environmental politics in Wales at the moment.

At the governmental level, two of the more prominent developments include the final consultation of the Sustainable Development Bill and the formation of the new single environment body, Natural Resources Wales. The Sustainable Development Bill in particular, offers the opportunity for those living within Wales to assess the principle of environmental care alongside well-established values of economic prosperity and social wellbeing as rationales for government action. The final bill is unlikely to initiate a radical break with the lifestyles of over-consumption that drive climate change, biodiversity loss and general environmental degradation. Even if it did, it is questionable whether the consultation process reached the level of public participation necessary to enable and legitimate such change. Nevertheless, these developments are evidence of a will shared by environmentally focused individuals and organisations across Wales to create a sustainable nation and perhaps, in doing so, establish a leadership role for Wales in the global response to environmental degradation…

Panellists discuss the community actions supporting Wales' environmental leadership

Panellists discuss the community actions supporting Wales’ environmental leadership

For the full article and other environmental storys, see this month’s issue of Planet.


About Hannah Hughes

I am a lecturer in the School of Law and Politics. My research interests stem from my concern with environmental degradation and include: Climate change; knowledge and power; global environmental politics; environmental security
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