Professor Richard Black ‘Migration in a Warmer World’ PUBLIC LECTURE 9th MAY @ 4:30pm

The Environmental Politics Research Group, in collaboration with the Citizenship Studies Group and the Global Development Research Group,prof-black would like to invite you to a lecture by Professor Richard Black, Head of the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex, on ‘Migration in a Warmer World’.

The lecture will take place at 4.30pm, Thursday 9 May, in the Main Hall of the International Politics Building.

There will also be a discussion group meeting with Professor Black on Migration and Climate Change at 9.30am, Friday 10 May, in the Meetings Room of the Interpol Building. It is not necessary to prepare for the meeting, but the following article may be of interest:

Black, Richard, Adger, W Neil, Arnell, Nigel W, Dercon, Stefan, Geddes, Andrew and Thomas, David (2011) The effect of environmental change on human migration. Global Environmental Change, 21 (1). S3-S11.

Professor Black’s current research explores the consequences of climate change for migration patterns globally, and he is also the CEO of a major international DFID-funded research consortium on ‘Migrating out of Poverty’.

Please do join us for what should be an insightful discussion on contemporary migration patterns and climate change!

All are warmly welcome!


About Hannah Hughes

I am a lecturer in the School of Law and Politics. My research interests stem from my concern with environmental degradation and include: Climate change; knowledge and power; global environmental politics; environmental security
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