Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development

With the Rio+20 conference now just over two weeks away (after it was moved to avoid the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee) I’d be interested in people’s thoughts, hopes and fears regarding all aspects of the conference. Who will attend, what will they agree, does any of it matter at all?

A few links to get people thinking: Chuks Okereke on the need for justice to be a part of the discussions; Guy Shrubsole on the green economy; and the ever-reliable ENB/IISD briefings on the draft text. Please share your links!


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I teach and research international politics in Manchester.
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2 Responses to Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development

  1. Michael Keary says:

    On the good news side, Australia is about to bring in a tax on carbon, which hopefully, some day, may replace Europe’s ineffectual trading scheme.

    On the bad news side, the tax is proving very fertile grounds for convincing Australians that climate change is a hoax and to vote the government out. Motivate bias is a b****

  2. carldeath says:

    Now that the dust has settled, people might be interested in a few Rio+20 autopsies. Monbiot’s typically trenchant but pretty accurate synopsis is “283 paragraphs of fluff”. Some of my recommended reads are:
    Please contribute your own!

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