Laugh or Cry

A story to be shared…

There is much coverage in the climate change blogosphere today about Obama’s interview with Rolling Stone. One paragraph in particular has been seized upon as Obama bringing climate change back into the election campaign after the administration’s silence on the issue:

Part of the challenge over these past three years has been that people’s number-one priority is finding a job and paying the mortgage and dealing with high gas prices. In that environment, it’s been easy for the other side to pour millions of dollars into a campaign to debunk climate-change science. I suspect that over the next six months, this is going to be a debate that will become part of the campaign, and I will be very clear in voicing my belief that we’re going to have to take further steps to deal with climate change in a serious way. That there’s a way to do it that is entirely compatible with strong economic growth and job creation – that taking steps, for example, to retrofit buildings all across America with existing technologies will reduce our power usage by 15 or 20 percent. That’s an achievable goal, and we should be getting started now.

One blog I particularly enjoyed was this one on Huffington Post. Here, Shawn Lawrence Otto pulls out some figures from the last election campaign between Obama and Senator John McCain:

…of nearly 3,000 questions asked the candidates for president in 171 different interviews, just six mentioned the words “global warming” or “climate change,” which was and remains the largest policy challenge facing the nation and the planet. To put that in perspective, three questions mentioned UFOs.

I laughed. But then perhaps it isn’t such a great surprise. Maybe it is easier to believe that the greatest threat to us comes from somewhere well beyond our reach than to accept we are the greatest threat to ourselves.

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