Forthcoming Transition Towns reading group dates and texts – all welcome

The group meets at 6pm on the last Friday of the month in term times in the Arts Centre (Aberystwyth), provisionally upstairs in the bar – moving downstairs or outside if noisy or sunny respectively. This session’s readings have followed the theme of community. Please pass on this message to anyone you think might be interested – colleagues, master’s students, activists…

Friday 27th April

Albert, Michael (2009) Building a Society from Below

Available at (Accessed 23 August 2011)

Friday 25th May

Sassen, Saskia & Natan Dotan (2011) ‘Delegating, not returning, to the biosphere: How to use the multi-scalar and ecological properties of cities’. Global Environmental Change. Volume 21, Issue 3, pp 823-834

Copies from Sam Saville if you don’t have Athens access[n.b. for youir listening pleasure now, Saskia Sassen’s lecture on globalisation andtransversal bordered space”

Friday 29th June

Jasanoff, S. (2010) ‘A New Climate For Society’. Theory Culture Society, 27(2-3), pp. 233-253. (copies from Kelvin if you don’t have journal access)


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I teach and research international politics in Manchester.
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