Rachel Carson writing prize

In commemoration of fifty years of *Silent Spring*, the Rachel Carson
Center for Environment and Society is soliciting essays from junior and
senior scholars which analyze the impact and reception of *Silent
Spring*as well as the legacy of Rachel Carson. Essays might address
one or more of the following questions:

   – How has *Silent Spring* shaped environmentalism or environmental
   thought in various countries? How is it a global phenomenon?
   – What elements of *Silent Spring* have had the greatest impact on
   environmental leaders? Policy makers? Anti-environmentalists?
   – How is *Silent Spring* still relevant to current environmental debates?
   – How has the relevance of Rachel Carson’s writing changed over the
   decades since Silent Spring was published?
   – If Rachel Carson were alive today, what would she be writing about?

In the spirit of Carson’s own writing, submissions are encouraged to
address an interested public with an approachable and provocative style.

The RCC will be awarding both a junior and senior prize for the most
outstanding essays:

   – Junior Prize: $1,000 for 1,000 words (or less); Open to students aged
   – Senior Prize: $2,000 for 2,000 words (or less); Open to anyone aged 19
   and above

In addition, the winning essays, as well as those which receive an
honorable mention, will be published in a commemorative edition of the *RCC
Perspectives* series, an occasional papers series available both in print
and online.

Submissions are due via email (perspectives@carsoncenter.lmu.de) by 15
March 2012. Please also include a short biographical profile and indicate
whether the essay is to be considered for the junior or senior prize. The
essays will be reviewed by an international committee of scholars and

For questions, please submit queries to perspectives@carsoncenter.lmu.de.

Sponsored by the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society in
collaboration with the British Council, International Consortium of
Environmental History Organizations, and the Consulate General of the
United States, Munich, Germany


About carldeath

I teach and research international politics in Manchester.
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