Food and feast conference – CAT (Machynlleth)

If anyone is interested, there is an opportunity to join a group heading to a conference and dinner on food waste at CAT in November. Contact Huw Diprose (below) to discuss joint travel arrangements.

Saturday, 05 November 2011, 09:30am – 10:00pm
The Center for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth

At the conference you will have the opportunity to explore the issues behind food waste in the UK, find out about European and global food supply chains, digest the latest facts and figures, and investigate solutions that will help create a zero carbon Britain.

Talks, discussions, case studies and exhibition stalls allow you to network, meet the experts, and discover more about the future of food.

Entry £35 for Students, £10 for Food and Evening entertainment (finishes at 10-11pm).


If enough people wish to attend we can take one of the uni minibuses (maximum of £5 to cover costs) otherwise a return train ticket will be a similar price. (possibility the minibus will return late, so if you’re not staying for the evening meal you may have to get a bus back from Mach!)

If you are interested in transport only (I don’t work for CAT!) email


About carldeath

I teach and research international politics in Manchester.
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