Lund Workshop: Governing the Climate Polity

There was a strong Aberystwyth presence at a recent workshop at Lund University, Sweden, entitled ‘Governing the Climate Polity: Rationality, Practice and Power’. The workshop was organised by Johannes Stripple (Lund) and Harriet Bulkeley (Durham), and brought together 23 presenters and almost 40 participants to discuss a number of broadly critical or poststructuralist theoretical approaches to the government of climate politics.

From Aberystwyth, Mark Whitehead gave a keynote address on the topic of ‘Neuro-liberal climate governmentalities’, and panel papers were also presented by Hannah Hughes on ‘The practice of writing and the IPCC’, and Carl Death on ‘The conduct of conduct through continuous climate conferences’. The strong presence of Aberystwyth’s Environmental Politics Reading Group was also reinforced by Chris Methmann, presenting a paper on ‘A new climate for development: From governing global warming to governing through global warming’.

Lund is a lovely university town, and the workshop was very intellectually stimulating. It certainly provided me with many ideas and issues we could perhaps discuss in our EPRG meetings next semester!


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I teach and research international politics in Manchester.
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